How To Choose The Perfect Short Story For Yourself

Are you a lover in all things that have to do with short stories? If you have gotten exhausted of repeatedly browsing through the pages of the same piece over and over again, you might be looking for a new story to browse through. However, once you walk into a store or a library, as all lovers of stories know, it can get increasingly tough to make that final selection. Here are some helpful tips to assist you in how you can choose the perfect story to accompany your cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Make a list

Think of a series of important questions before you visit the library or the store. For example think of areas like your favourite genres. You may want to check out something done by the best Australian authors or autobiography. Think of the short stories that you have been interested by in the past and look along those lines. Sometimes knowing what kind of summary you are looking for could help too, because a glance through the prologue could help you make up your mind. Would you like to get into a series of short stores or just a single publication? What about your hobbies? If for example you are into botany or horticulture, pets, food and the likes that will be a great indicator of the genre that you should be trying out.

Ask and look for recommendations

Chances are that you would have a lot of friends who share the same passion for you when it comes to short stories. Ask them for recommendations. You can also visit some credible review that will give you an idea of the material that is available and suited for our needs. You can read summaries most of the time online now so this should greatly simplify the entire process.

Do a bit of a house-hunt

Hidden treasures are those short stories that might be lying around the house just collecting dust. Perhaps you bought it sometime back and then completely forgot about it. In this case, if you do happen to come across something that is interesting you might not even have to spend any money investing in a new one.

Join a club

There are enough and more clubs that delve in the subject of interesting collections of short stories and the likes. It does not even have to be simply short stories, there is plenty of other genres and much variety available that you can choose from. If you join a club you will be meeting a lot of people with the same interests as you and you will also be open to a large variety that you did not have access to before. There will be a lot of exchanging too so that you do not have to actually buy short stories. You can just exchange and enjoy them!